Maine's Mid-Century Moment Virtual Events - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Simpson Lutts
Great presentations both of you!
Lisa Simpson Lutts
Did she have local people helping her keep up the houses?
Holly Azevedo
What is the current status of the biography? This will be a fascinating read!
Andrea Greenwood
Nancy Mairs, who wrote the afterword to The Little Locksmith, called her memoir "remembering the Bone House" -- the body as a home. I wondered if KBH was able to use her actual houses as a way to bring her personality to life on a scale that her physical body didn't allow. Her houses were big and prominent in a way that was unexpected and the opposite of how she appeared.
Karen Johnson
Is there much known about the house in Salem where she lived as a child? Photos? Is it still there?
Karen Johnson
Is there a link for the Tony Butler interview?
Lisa Simpson Lutts
Here is the link to the Historical Society interview http://www.castinehistoricalsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Visitor-Spring-2007.pdf
Jayne Whiteside
How is this book incorporated into disabilities readings today relating to Pott;s disease (tb) but also other disabilities that she did not have? Also, what are important aspects relating to feminism today?
Andrea Greenwood
Thank you so much, this was fantastic!
John Broadwell
Thank you for the fascinating talk!!